Monday, 16 November 2015

Course with Antonio Seba Sensei 2014

In June 2014 I attended a tactical kumite seminar with Antonio Seba Sensei (8th Dan WKF) hosted by the LKA (Leeds Karate Academy).

Seba Sensei & I after a course in 2013
Seba Sensei & I after a course in 2014

You can find a link to a profile on Antonio Sensei here:

Here are just a few key bullet points of advice, tactics and scenarios I managed to jot down;

  • Score from hajime - dont "set yourself"
    *Set off from the line with kizami zuki  - "catch opponent switched off in a silly moment"

    Partner exercise

    - From yoi; Both sides into stance, 1 side attacks kizami zuki instantly.

  • When you attack and the opponent is retreating, don't stop and let them off! Give the referee and corner judges the choice of scoring 1, 2, or 3 techniques... Always finish with a sweep or a jodan kick.

  • Try and draw a counter attack of gyaku zuki using feignts,
    - When successful in getting opponent to attack, switch to angle (outside line) and attack ending with a 3 point technique.

  • Attack 2, 3, 4 techniques forward, move backwards (making opponent relax and step forward) then drive gyaku zuki in to score.

  • Tap front hand whilst simultaneously escaping backwards 2/3 steps, set yourself then drive gyaku zuki in when they attack forwards at you.
  • Specialise in 1 technique!

    Partner exercise:

    - Partner attacks half speed and you have 5 opportunities to score with your favourite technique.

  • Scenario - if opponent better than you or favoured by the referee, score first and fight long distance (evasion and pick your points) - first 30 seconds observe.
  • Scenario - if opponent weaker than you score in first 30 seconds and win match as quickly as possible.

Seba Sensei with the JKS England squad who competed at the JKS World Championships in 2013, in Tokyo, Japan

Here are a few Youtube videos of scenarios and ideas from Seba Sensei;

Restarting the blog... again!!!

With my never ending injury and health problems making a return to training in 2015 difficult, I have decided to resurrect the blog to keep my active and keep it off the problems I'm currently experiencing. I will start by publishing old course notes from years gone by... Keep your eyes peeled.